Monday, 4 March 2013

School starting.

Thought I'd post something to let people know that semester 1 classes begin tomorrow. This means I won't be able to dedicate as much time to my "toys" and hence the content updates on the blog will most probably suffer.

I'll be continuing to watch things and might post now and then. If you have any requests or suggestions for porting BOINC apps over to a certain platform feel free to post and I can try have a look into it when I get a chance.

My PSU Project.

I decided that it was time to set up a cleaner, more permanent solution for providing 5V and 12V in my server rack. Here's some photos with details outlining where I'm at so far.

4 x 20A rated terminal blocks. 2 of them are for +5V and +12V. The cable I used is auto stuff rated for 10A. I split common ground (GND) over 2 terminal blocks so I don't overheat cabling. Also saves device cabling from reaching.

Rear shot of where terminal blocks are secured in rack.

550W ATX PSU with +5V, +12V and GND feeds. The PSU is getting 240V straight from my UPS (to the left). Those terminals off the feeds are high quality gold plated banana type terminals with plastic covers.

I need to clean up the wiring a little bit. A few additional things to do:
  • Get 10A in-line fuses for +5V and +12V. Although PSU is current limiting (shuts off when over current), I really don't want to get to this stage.
  • Put a permanent resistor on the +12V circuit. Although I'm constantly pulling something of +12V, I noticed very weird behavior on the +5V when there is nothing doing so. I believe this is related to the PSU needing current draw on +12V in order to function properly.
  • Get a cover for the terminal blocks and some sort of support for device cabling.
  • More cable clean-up.
  • Shunt for reading current draw on +12V and +5V circuits.