Thursday, 27 June 2013

CyanogenMod 10.1.0 Stable for ODROID-U2

I don't know if it's pre-exam jitters or what, but I felt compelled at 3AM in the morning to put together a little instructional on how to get latest CyanogenMod build on the ODROID-U2. Stable was just released a couple days ago. What follows is by no means "complete". Just documenting as I went more than anything.

Note: Assumes we're installing onto an SD card.

1. Prepare the SD Card

This to be done from a machine with an SD Card reader. We're dumping the 4.1.6 beta image from HardKernel as we want to use the CWM recovery tool to update to CyanogenMod's latest release.

Adjust method below depending on your platform.

1. Download

$ wget

2. Unzip

$ unzip

3. Dump to SD card. 

$ sudo dd if=ODROID-U2.img of=/dev/<replace me> bs=4M

4. Insert SD card into ODROID-U2 with keyboard and mouse and boot.

2. Update the ODROID-U2

Now it's time to prepare the ODROID-U2 for latest CyanogenMod release. Might as well jump to my blog post from the ODROID-U2 itself to click the links for easier download.

1. From a browser instance download these:

CyanogenMod 10.1.0 -
Google Apps 4.2.2 -

2. Open up a terminal, become root and reboot into recovery console:

$ su
# reboot recovery

3. You should be in recovery console when you navigate to do this (in order):
  - Wipe data/factory reset
  - Install zip from sdcard
  - Choose file
  - Browse to Download folder and select
  - Choose file
  - Browse to Download folder and select

4. Now reboot and we should be done. You should get CyanogenMod logo spinning like this for a little bit before Google Apps config appears:

I'll be back to update this later as there will probably be a few bugs to nut out.

Wednesday, 12 June 2013

SETI@Home v7 Project binaries update

When I initially uploaded the project binaries for the new v7 client, I neglected to keep the v6 client included. I forgot that the v6 client is still being used for Astropulse. I've now fixed this and if you download, extract and restart, you should see two application versions instead of just one:

$ boinccmd --get_state | grep -A 8 "Application versions"
======== Application versions ========
1) -----------
   application: setiathome_enhanced
   version: 6.12
   project: SETI@home
2) -----------
   application: setiathome_v7
   version: 7.01
   project: SETI@home

Task still chugging along:

Thursday, 6 June 2013

SETI@Home v7 client for Raspberry Pi

MarkJ reminded me that SETI now have a new client which means the old v6 client will discontinue to work.

I've compiled the new v7 client. Go get it over on my project page or download project package directly here:

As always, with my packages, this just needs to be extracted into the BOINC project folder. If you already have SETI attached you should only need to fix permissions and restart client for it to read new app_info.xml file and start giving you v7 tasks.

My task won't finish for a while so can't let you know if it works yet. However, it's available for those that want to give it a crack.

Current task pending completion:

Not long to go now (Ha ha):