Monday, 26 November 2012

Status on SETI@home task and General Update

Well the SETI@home task finished on my Raspberry Pi and uploaded/reported back to the SETI servers:

The task took around 2.5 days. I had to pause it a couple of times to test other things (restarted at checkpoint fine).

There seems to be some serious delay in SETI validation at the moment so we'll have to wait a little until a final verdict can be made.

In the meantime, I'll be running a MilkyWay@home separation task to see how that goes. 

I've also begun looking at getting an ARM version of the applications used for an Australian based project called 'theSkyNet POGS - the PS1 Optical Galaxy Survey' (POGS). Waiting for them to enable anonymous platform support so I can run a complete task cleanly on the Raspberry Pi.

If you're interested in donating computing power to them, check them out at:

Saturday, 24 November 2012

MilkyWay@home done (I hope).

Well I've managed to compile version 1.12 of the separation client used by MilkyWay@home.

I tested the compiled version on my x86 machine and it brought back valid responses. See result for anonymous platform run I did:

I'll have to wait until the SETI run finishes before I consider testing a full run of Milky' on the Pi. I can confirm that a task did download and ran for 2 minutes before I suspended it.

Hopefully those two additional boards arrive on Tuesday!

I've decided to make these project binaries available directly on my project page. I figured that some of you might already have a functioning BOINC client you want to try these on. All the BOINC API stuff is statically linked into the binary, so there is probably a good chance it may just work.

You'll find these binaries under an appropriate heading at

SETI@home chugging on the Pi. MilkyWay@home to follow.

I've updated my Raspberry Pi project page. You'll see some success on the SETI front of things.

Looks like SETI@home is chugging along on my Raspberry Pi:

======== Tasks ========
1) -----------
   name: 25au12ad.2747.242306.140733193388043.10.47_0
   WU name: 25au12ad.2747.242306.140733193388043.10.47
   project URL:
   report deadline: Fri Dec  7 03:17:40 2012
   ready to report: no
   got server ack: no
   final CPU time: 0.000000
   state: 2
   scheduler state: 2
   exit_status: 0
   signal: 0
   suspended via GUI: no
   active_task_state: 1
   app version num: 603
   checkpoint CPU time: 53953.520000
   current CPU time: 53983.560000
   fraction done: 0.282674
   swap size: 0.000000
   working set size: 0.000000
   estimated CPU time remaining: 121524.174733
   supports graphics: no

Watch this space to see if it completes successfully :

I've just ordered 2 more Raspberry Pis for development purposes. I plan on getting Milkyway@home client working over the next week. I've had a bit of a squiz at Einstein@home but the framework for that is an absolute nightmare. The sieving client for PrimeGrid@home looks easy enough to port. Might be able to get something going with that soon.

Keep you posted. 

Tuesday, 20 November 2012


Well this is my first blog. I have set this up to share info on some of the projects I'm undergoing.

Go check out  the first project I've posted on Raspberry Pi and BOINC.

Sorry if things are all over the place. First time doing this.