Sunday, 16 June 2013

SETI@Home v7 Raspberry Pi Success!

Looks like the job finally finished and returned valid:

Took ~10 days to finish.


  1. Latest Raspbian makes RPi a LOT faster. See

    Enigma complete in about 12 hours.
    WUProp does now work despite warning from BOINC.
    MW@H still needs your tarball (I think, haven't tried it yet but definitely doen't work from the BOINC/Projects link)

    I'll try SETI v7 if asked/if I get bored but from past experience it will be slow. SETI just ... is!

    If you want me to check any other stuff on the RPi I'm happy to help. FWIW SUBSETSUM is in deep hibernation & OProject is just not doing ARM last time I checked.

  2. Correction:- WUProp does NOT work natively - properly. Rather it runs & reports then says "you get nothing".

    Trying MW@H which runs natively.
    SETI, POGS, Albert, MW and others don't yet run natively.
    Einstein starts natively then says says on all sub-projects ... "no work for your type of computer"