Saturday, 24 November 2012

MilkyWay@home done (I hope).

Well I've managed to compile version 1.12 of the separation client used by MilkyWay@home.

I tested the compiled version on my x86 machine and it brought back valid responses. See result for anonymous platform run I did:

I'll have to wait until the SETI run finishes before I consider testing a full run of Milky' on the Pi. I can confirm that a task did download and ran for 2 minutes before I suspended it.

Hopefully those two additional boards arrive on Tuesday!

I've decided to make these project binaries available directly on my project page. I figured that some of you might already have a functioning BOINC client you want to try these on. All the BOINC API stuff is statically linked into the binary, so there is probably a good chance it may just work.

You'll find these binaries under an appropriate heading at

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