Saturday, 24 November 2012

SETI@home chugging on the Pi. MilkyWay@home to follow.

I've updated my Raspberry Pi project page. You'll see some success on the SETI front of things.

Looks like SETI@home is chugging along on my Raspberry Pi:

======== Tasks ========
1) -----------
   name: 25au12ad.2747.242306.140733193388043.10.47_0
   WU name: 25au12ad.2747.242306.140733193388043.10.47
   project URL:
   report deadline: Fri Dec  7 03:17:40 2012
   ready to report: no
   got server ack: no
   final CPU time: 0.000000
   state: 2
   scheduler state: 2
   exit_status: 0
   signal: 0
   suspended via GUI: no
   active_task_state: 1
   app version num: 603
   checkpoint CPU time: 53953.520000
   current CPU time: 53983.560000
   fraction done: 0.282674
   swap size: 0.000000
   working set size: 0.000000
   estimated CPU time remaining: 121524.174733
   supports graphics: no

Watch this space to see if it completes successfully :

I've just ordered 2 more Raspberry Pis for development purposes. I plan on getting Milkyway@home client working over the next week. I've had a bit of a squiz at Einstein@home but the framework for that is an absolute nightmare. The sieving client for PrimeGrid@home looks easy enough to port. Might be able to get something going with that soon.

Keep you posted. 

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